Boards Magazine – Augmented Reality Experience

This application of Augmented Reality, developed for Boards Magazine by Theo Watson, Emily Gobeille, and Nexus Productions, continues to stand out to me for the way AR is used to create a detailed fictionalized world that the user can actually explore, simply by moving the magazine cover.

Other magazines have employed AR to augment their print content—one of the more recent examples was Esquire’s 2009 Best and Brightest issue.  But using AR simply to augment print content leads to one of the great constraints of the technology: AR can augment an existing piece of material or content, but then nothing more happens.  This limitation can often make the technology feel like nothing more than a gimmick.

But this Boards Magazine cover breaks free of those constraints.  Here, AR doesn’t just augment other content. Instead, it creates a new world and enables the user to experience that world.

Download the software and cover here.


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